MixTum.io Review: Premium Bitcoin Tumbler

MixTum.io positions itself as completely different from the "classic" mixers. This tumbler sources the funds for your mixing operations from traders operating at cryptocurrency exchanges. You can't set the delays or percentage distributions here. There are only two receiving addresses enabled by the system. And the fees are randomly picked within the range from 4% up to 5%. However, the team claims that the users are much more protected and receive much more high-qualify funds in return to their dirty Bitcoins. For this MixTum.io review we tested the system and received the clean coins within 6 hours.

Comparative Chart

  • Clearnet Link: https://mixtum.io/
  • Onion URL: http://mixtum5lbuslyow2.onion/
  • Minimum Deposit: 0.005 BTC
  • Maximum Deposit: 50 BTC
  • Fee: 4%-5% picked randomly
  • No logs policy: Yes
  • Time Delays: Yes, within 6 hours, not controlled by user
  • Additional Addresses: Only 2
  • Control Deposit Percentage by Individual Address: No

Is MixTum.io a scam?

No, it's not. This service has been around for a few years and there are good reviews online from real users.

Who is this mixer best for?

This Bitcoin "washing machine" is best for those users who are looking for the highest-quality funds in return to their dirty coins. MixTum.io promotes itself as a premium-level company and charges higher rates than many competitors on the market. This tumbler could be a great choice when users want to send clean coins directly to their counterparties while being sure that there won't be any problems with the acceptance. In particular, it might be a good option when you need to go through the KYC at a cryptocurrency exchange.

How does MixTum.io work?

In this MixTum.io review, we’ll provide a detailed walk-through so that you can understand all the stages within the mixer's business process. This will help you make an educated decision as to whether you should use this site to cleanse your Bitcoins.

Stage 1: Start the process

To start the mixing process, click the Mix My Coins button at the main page.

Start the process at MixTum.io

You don't make any commitments by clicking this button and you'll be able to see how the service works without using any of your real Bitcoins.

Stage 2: Specify the receiving addresses

In the next window, you'll need to specify at least the receiving address (if you don’t remember what a receiving address is, here’s a good guide into how Bitcoin works).

Specify the receiving addresses for the mixing transaction

After you've done that in Field 1 on the screenshot, you can either click the Send Button and move on with the process or specify the second receiving address. However, the second wallet isn't mandatory as the site says.

Stage 3: Download the Letter of Guarantee

At the next page, you'll be offered to download the Letter of Guarantee.

Download and save the letter of guarantee

It's very important to download this txt document and save it securely. MixTum.io is a completely anonymized mixer which means that the service doesn't have any logs or personal accounts. You need this level of deanonymization in order to protect yourself against the blockchain analysis. Thus, the Letter of Guarantee is the only way for you to prove that you actually sent the funds to the tumbler's wallet. You'll need this document in order to deal with the support in case something goes wrong down the road. When writing this review, we downloaded, saved and successfully verified the Letter of Guarantee.

In addition, the Letter of Guarantee serves as a tool to verify that the wallet addresses specified by the mixer are actually valid.

You can learn more about using the Letters of Guarantee in this detailed article.

Stage 4: Deposit the Bitcoins

Next, you should deposit the Bitcoins to the service.

Deposit your bitcoins to mixtum.io site

You can either copy the wallet address specified in Field 1 on the screenshot. Otherwise, you can use the barcode to scan for convenience.

And that's basically it.

If you click the Send More Coins button, you will be taken to the starting window of the new mixing session. So, don't click on it until you've completed this session.

As the Comparative Table at the top of the article says, the minimum amount is 0.005 BTC and the maximum one is 50 BTC. You might wonder whether the service really has the 50 BTC at their disposal or not. The point is that MixTum doesn't need to have these funds at the ready since they source the Bitcoins from independent traders whenever they need to mix any specific amounts.

Users can't specify the parameters for mixing operations at MixTum

As we've said earlier, users can't set the parameters for the mixing gigs that other tumblers usually enable.

This is not just because the team doesn't want to deal with coding these functionalities, but it's more related to the fact that the funds are sourced from intermediary wallets located at the exchanges. Thus, it would be impossible to require that the system perform the mixing transactions within a specific period of time since it might not always be possible to obtain the required amount of funds for the transaction to be completed.

When writing this MixTum.io review, we tested the system and received the mixed coins within the 6 hours promised by the team. So, you don't have to worry about the fact that you can't specify the delays here. As long as 6 hours in waiting time is OK for you, you can safely use this Bitcoin tumbler.

How long can I deposit the coins to the provided incoming address?

You have 7 days to deposit the coins. But, of course, it's much easier to create a new mixing session from scratch rather than trying to use the one you've created previously.

What to do if the browser crashes?

If you have already deposited the Bitcoins to the wallet before the browser crashed, there's nothing more for you to do at the site. You can easily check up on the transaction in any standard blockchain explorer. One of the most famous ones is the blockchain.com's explorer.

And if it has crashed before you’ve deposited BTC, you should just start from scratch again.

Stage 5: Calculate the exact final amount

Below on the same page, you'll see the nifty calculator which helps you determine the actual final amount you will be able to output.

Calculate the final amount you'll receive

All you need to do is specify the input amount and the system will calculate the received amount, taking into account the randomly picked fee (4%-5%) and the network fee of 0.0007 BTC which is paid to minders who confirm the Bitcoin transactions. Importantly, these are extremely high rates that this mixer is charging. There are tumblers like BitMix which charge just 0.4%! That’s the difference for ya!

And this is basically the complete walk-through for this review. As you can see it's pretty straight-forward to use since you can't (don’t have to) set up any delays, distribution percentages and more than 2 receiving addresses within the system. In addition, the system picks your fees for you too! However, if you want to use a mixer that enables you to set up those parameters, you should look into ChipMixer or CryptoMixer.

Two Additional Options at MixTum.io

However, there are two additional options that you can use in order to mix your Bitcoins at this crypto-tumbler.

#1. Free trial

You can actually test how MixTum.io works without paying the fees for the transaction. To do this, go to the main page and click the buttons shown in the screenshot.

Try mixtum.io for free

The caveat that you should send only a specific amount - 0.001 (and you diverge from that amount even by a bit). Additionally, you can specify only one receiving address.

However, you'll be able to see how the system operates and what kind of coins you'll receive in return for the Bitcoins you input.

#2. Precise Payment

The second additional option enables you to make a specific payment to the receiving address of your counterparty. Here’s a good article on paying with your Bitcoins!

Here's a button to launch this process.

Make the precise payment to your counterparty via the service

You'll be taken to the next window.

Set the data needed for the precise payment

Here, you'll need to specify the payment amount and both the receiving and change addresses.

Thus, you'll be able to deliver the exact amount to your partner while receiving any change on your hands to the change address. This might be pretty useful whenever you want to move a large amount of money between wallets while also making the payment.

What makes this “washing machine” so different from other tumblers?

As we've discussed above, the major difference between Mixtum.io and other bitcoin “washers” is that the service doesn't actually mix the coins received from the other users but “imports” the fresh coins from investors trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Detailed look into how mixtum.io works

If you go to the MixTum's main page, you'll see a detailed description of the process.

Step 1: Place the order

Place the order at the site

You'll have to place the order. The team clearly states that though they usually enable only two receiving addresses, you can always reach out to them directly and ask them to allow you to have more than two wallets in place.

Overall, this is a pretty standard business process here. It's just like at any other mixer.

Step 2: Sourcing mixing coins from exchanges

How bitcoins are sourced from internal crypto exchange

It's important to emphasize that the team actually names the cryptocurrency exchanges where they source their coins from. As a rule, exchanges require you to provide personal identification information and you can't go move around those platforms with dirty coins.

That's why using this mixer you'll have much higher chances of receiving completely clean coins in exchange for your dirty Bitcoins.

Step 3: Grading the coins by quality level

Grading the coins from exchanges by mixtum

Next, the tumbler uses a proprietary algorithm in order to assess the quality of coins and grade them into different types of Bitcoin funds.

The big problem here is that you can't actually review the code behind the algorithm or even safely ascertain that there's some sort of the algorithm in place here. However, it's pretty common for crypto-related startups to be extremely private about the internal tech solutions they use for their operations.

Step 4: Set the parameters

System configures the options automaticaly

As we’ve discussed above, MixTum doesn’t enable you to adjust the parameters that are usually open for tweaking at other services. The mixer's FAQ states that it makes much more sense to enable the system to pick those indicators randomly since humans tend to select pretty standard values which opens the transactions to the blockchain analysis. Volume and cluster analysis are easily used in order to deanonymize mixed transactions.

Step 5: Returning the coins to the user

The user's coins are mixed and returned

At the last stage, the mixed coins are returned to the tumbler's user. The cleansed coins go through two or more transactions in order for a higher level of obfuscation.

A word on security

Though most Bitcoin tumblers say that they don't store any information about you, some of them still retain some sort of logs for about 24 hours. It's not a big deal, but it's just something that you need to know about.

With MixTum it's different. This company stores no information at all. There are no logs being retained about your activities at all. This further serves to deanonymize your activities on the blockchain and brings more freedom for your operations.

By the way, another highly secure option is privacy-focused cryptocurrencies.


MixTum.io is a unique Bitcoin tumbler. It sources funds from exchanges in contrast to other mixers that place users' funds together. Here, you don’t get to have the mixing enabling you to track your own coins. In addition, you can't set up the delays, fees or percentages distributions. It’s very different from other mixers on the market! This is a premium BTC mixer and you'll be charged a random fee within the range of 4-5%. The team claims that this rate is fully justified since they receive coins from international exchanges as opposed to just mixing users' own coins together. As our research for this MixTum.io review showed, you can expect to receive the cleansed coins within 6 hours which is a pretty decent execution time.

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