FoxMixer Review: High Security for Mixing

If you are looking for high security in your mixing operations, FoxMixer is a great option. This is the only mixer we’ve seen around that enables you to divide your payments into up to 3 transactions which serves to further hamper the blockchain analysis. In this FoxMixer review, we will take a detailed walk-through over all the processes at the site and identify the features that make it stand apart from similar tumblers.

Comparative Chart

  • Clearnet Link:
  • Onion URL: http://foxmixer6mrsuxrl.onion
  • Minimum Deposit: 0.002 BTC
  • Fee: 1%
  • No logs policy: Yes
  • Time Delays: Yes, user controlled
  • Additional Addresses: Unlimited
  • Control Deposit Percentage by Individual Address: Yes, user controlled for each address

Is it a scam?

No, we have thoroughly assessed FoxMixer and we've seen positive reviews online. We've failed to find any clear reports on theft or tampering with mixing transactions.

Who is this "tumbler" best for?

Thanks to the suite of robust security-related features, this mixer might help you assure higher privacy and confidentiality for your transactions. Thus, it might serve as an appealing option for those users who are seeking to furnish completely clean Bitcoins for the use at cryptocurrency exchanges and similar services.

How to use FoxMixer?

Let's take a detailed look at each of the steps you'll need to make when using FoxMixer, so that you can clearly understand the features and advantages this "washing machine” offers.

Stage 1: Start the mixing process

Go to the main page and click the Start button in the middle of the screen or the Start Button in the top menu.

Initiate the mixing process at FoxMixer

Stage 2: Specify the first mixing address

The system will open a new window at the page where you'll need to set the first receiving address for your Bitcoins.

Specify the first receiving address to use

Within a mixing operation, you will need to send your Bitcoins to the tumbler and then receive the "cleaned" coins to your forward-to address. These forward-to addresses are called “receiving addresses”. Various sites offer you to set up a varying number with FoxMixer enabling users to specify an unlimited number of receiving wallets. In practical terms, 3-5 addresses is fully enough to assure a high level of obfuscation for your transactions.

If you don't want to adjust any settings, you can just specify the first - and only - wallet in the respective field and then click the START MIXING button which will transfer you down the process.

However, there are certain additional features users can leverage in order to strengthen the privacy and confidentiality for their mixes.

Stage 3: Set up the delay for the wallets

One of the major features that crypto-mixers offer is the ability to delay between the time the pay-in arrives at the mixer and the time when the service pays out to your receiving address. The discorrelation between the receipt and output time means that the blockchain analyst will have a much harder time with tracking your transactions on the blockchain.

FoxMixer makes it easy to adjust the delay setting with a nifty slider.

Set up the delay period

You can slide the controller to the left and right in order to decrease or increase the delay time. The minimum time is 2 hours.

But if you wish to assure heightened security for your transactions, set up a longer waiting period. The maximum delay period is 48 hours at the site. Some mixers enable you to set up a much longer delay period. We’ve just reviewed where you can assign delays of up to 96 hours to your receiving wallets.

Stage 4: Input the mixing code

Quite a lot of Bitcoin tumblers offer the mixcode. This is an alpha-numeric code you can use to track your own coins and prevent the situations when you receive the same coins from the mixing service you've sent in previously.

If you are mixing bitcoins for the first time at this particular mixer, you won't have the code. But if it's your second time, copy and paste the code in the field shown in the screenshot.

Enter the mix code

Subsequently, you can save the mixing codes for each new mixing operation. If you use it every time, it will automatically include the information about all of your previous mixing operations at FoxMixer.

We will find out the mixing code for this operation in the next window.

Stage 5: Set up additional wallets

As we've said above, you must have at least one receiving wallet in place in order to launch the mixing operation. However, you are not limited in the number of addresses you want to split your coins across! This is a pretty rare function all around. And if it's something that you are looking for, then you should carefully consider FoxMixer.

In order to create an additional wallet, click on the "+" sign located to the right.

Create the second receiving address at FoxMixer

In the opened window, specify the data for the second wallet.

Specify the data for the second address

Input the address, drag the delay slider in order to achieve the needed waiting period.

Stage 6: Set up the relative percentage distributions

The next parameter to adjust is the relative distribution for the amount across all the receiving wallets you use. The "relative" means that the shares for individual wallets are denoted in %.

In this screenshot, you can see that the Payout Amount slider is at the 100% for the first wallet and it's at the 0% for the second wallet.

Adjust the percentage distributions between wallets

If you drag the first wallet's slider to the left or right, this will automatically change the values of the second wallet. In this way, you can easily adjust the percentage distributions so that you don't end up with equal chunks of the total amount. Because if you do leave them equal, this might open you to the volume and cluster analysis with the blockchain experts identifying the connections between your sending and receiving wallets.

And if you decide to create three or more wallets at FoxMixer, be careful with percentages because any changes you make to a specific wallet will automatically impact all others.

Here's an example for distributing percentages between the three wallets.

Example for setting the distribution percentages between three wallets

Stage 7: Set up the absolute distribution shares

Now, FoxMixer has some pretty unique features for mixing Bitcoins, and setting up the absolute values for the distributions is surely one of the most unique ones.

To do this, you need to first click the wrench button to the right. Here's the screenshot.

Click the wrench button to change the settings for the distribution percentages

In the opened window, change the checkbox from the relative to the absolute payout amounts, and then click the Close button.

Select the absolute payouts option

This will delete the second wallet and you will need to add it again.

After you've added back the second wallet, you'll see the following menus.

Adjust the payouts distribution options at FoxMixer

Instead of the relative shares FoxMixer now enables you to specify the absolute amounts which you can send to each of the wallets.

This feature serves well when you want to use the mixer as an intermediate step in buying something for Bitcoins and send the coins directly to the seller via the mixer. You don't have to calculate anything and try to assure that you get all the coins. All you need to do is send a bit more, specify the seller's wallet as the first receiving address and specify the "change wallet" as the second address. As a result, anything that remains after the mixing operations will be channeled to your second wallet.

Stage 8: Delete a wallet

If you decide against having the second or any other wallet at the point, it's easy to click the "-" button and get rid of it.

Delete an unneeded wallet at FoxMixer

Now that you have adjusted all the settings in the way you wanted, let's click the START MIXING button and proceed with the process.

Stage 9: Deposit Bitcoins

At the next page, you'll see a number of menus for you to use. The first one is for depositing Bitcoins.

Deposit the Bitcoins to the tumbler

It's pretty straight-forward. All you need to do is copy and paste the Bitcoin wallet address, go to your wallet and transfer the needed amount to it.

But before you actually launch the transaction, we strongly recommend that you perform the following stages - even though the Deposit Bitcoin function is presented at the top of the page at this mixer.

Stage 10: Download and save Letter of Guarantee

In the next menu, you can download the Letter of Guarantee in the txt file format.

Download the Letter of Guarantee to your computer

The file is automatically saved to your computer.

Why is the Letter of Guarantee so important in mixing Bitcoins?

This is a very important document since it's the only proof that you've sent any funds to the mixer's wallet. The site retains no logs as per the complete no-logs policy. There's no personal account or any other system of record.

Thus, should something go wrong with your mixing operation, the Letter of Guarantee will be your only means to prove anything in communications with the team.

That's why we always strongly advise to download and securely save the Letter of Guarantee before you actually deposit any Bitcoins to the mixer's wallet. How to use the Letter of Guarantee?

If you are just starting to use Bitcoin mixers, you might have trouble with figuring out how to use the Bitcoin mixer. Here's a great article on everything about the Letter of Guarantee done via the OpenPGP encryption method. And here's the public key for the FoxMixer in case you might need it. What to do if your process crashed in the middle of the mixing operation?

This is another valid reason why you should first download the Letter of Guarantee and deposit the Bitcoins only after that. In case your browser crashes and you need to reload the process, you want to have some proof on your hands with regard to the fact that you did send the Bitcoins to the mixer's wallet.

In case this happens, you can reach out to the customer support team and verify that everything is good with your transaction. Without the Letter of Guarantee, this might be problematic.

Stage 11: Calculate the final amount
In some cases, you might want to calculate the exact amount that you will generate with your mixing operation. You can do this via the calculator located at the bottom of the page.

The calculator used to determine the final amount

Specify the original amount in the amount field and see the final amount the system will calculate based on the fees it charges.

See the final amount from your mixing transaction

Stage 12: Proceed to the Status Monitoring section

Now that we have completed all the needed actions at this page, you can proceed to the Status Monitoring section.

To do that, click the Continue to Status button.

Continue to the Status Monitoring page

At the next page, you will see the detailed statistical information about the process you are currently performing.

The status monitoring page at FoxMixer

You can review the information on the amounts that have been received and confirmed. In addition, you can find out the exact time for the pay-out.


This review on FoxMixer shows that it has a suite of unique features that might be useful for sophisticated users. In addition, the team shows that they take serious efforts to assure the heightened security (use of distributed equipment systems, division of payments into transactions, controlled mempool placements). You can read more about their measures at the main page. You can contact the team via email.

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