Review: Perfect Tumbler for High Volume Mixing has been around since 2016, and it has won popularity and trust in the Bitcoin community. The service has an actively managed thread on the Bitcointalk forum. In this review, we'll take a detailed walk-through through the mixer and explain how each process works. The company positions itself as the best provider for large-volume mixing transactions. At the time of analysis, the system had around 150 BTC ready to be used for cleaning your coins. The site has a minimalistic design and a pretty color scheme.

Comparative Chart

Here's a detailed chart with the information about the major indicators delivers. (And here’s a good article on what mixers are, in a nutshell.) As you can see, it enables most of the standard functions you can find at other tumblers. We’ll talk about each of these options in detail throughout this CryptoMixer review.

  • Clearnet Link:
  • Onion URL: http://cryptomixns23scr.onion/
  • Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC
  • Maximum Deposit: 200 BTC
  • Fee: min 0.5%
  • No logs policy: Yes
  • Time Delays: Yes, user controlled
  • Additional Addresses: up to 10
  • Control Deposit Percentage by Individual Address: Yes, user controlled

Is it a scam?

No, it's not. The service has positive reviews online, and the team actively manages the Bitcointalk thread.

Who is best for?

Thanks to the easy-to-use design and processes, this tumbler will suit both beginner and sophisticated users (here’s another mixer for beginners). The team promotes the brand with the idea that it's best for high-volume transactions. Importantly, the site offers only 10 output addresses. So if you are looking for a higher number of forward-to addresses, you should look elsewhere.

How does the tumbler work?

Let's take a detailed walk-through and discuss each stage and option the tumbler offers. After we are done, you'll have a complete picture on how to clean your bitcoins with this service.

Stage 1: Initiate the process

At the first stage, all you need to do is just click the Start button.

Intiate the process to mix coins at CryptoMixer

Stage 2: Adjust the settings

You'll be taken to the next page where you'll need to adjust the settings for your mixing procedure.

Adjust the mixing settings

Let's go over each field so that you know your way around this tumbler's interface well.

#1. CrypoMixer code

This mixer enables you to use the special code in order to track the coins you've sent to be cleaned during the previous transaction. The service will make sure that you won't receive the same coins during the next mixing gig you make.

Using the special CryptoMixer code

If this is your first time at the site, you won't have this code yet. So, you don't have to fill out this field. You will obtain this code at the next window and you'll be advised to save it safely and input whenever you do the second operation at the site.

#2. Specifying the first receiving wallet

In order to mix your coins, you need to create a receiving wallet in advance. Then, you will be able to send your dirty coins to the mixer and receive the clean coins to the "forward-to" address you specify.

Specify the first receiving wallet for your coins

Specify the address here. Make sure that the button "Continue" turns red. If it doesn't, this means that you've done something wrong.

#3. Setting the service fee

Quite a lot of mixers enable you to adjust the fees at their sites.

Adjust the mixing fees

CryptoMixer is among them. It offers users to set the fees in the range from 0.5000% up to 3.0000%.

Why would a mixer enable users to set their own fees?

This is a very important tool that enables users to further prevent the blockchain analysis on their transactions. A sophisticated blockchain analyst would be able to parse the Bitcoin transactions on the blockchain and identify any matching amounts minus the fees you pay to the mixer.

An example would be the user transferring 100 BTC to a mixer and the mixer charging the fixed fee of 5%. The user would receive the 95 BTC. Now, we can safely say that there won't be that many transactions with this amount of Bitcoins moving around wallets. Thus, the blockchain analyst would be able to "create a connection" between the two wallets.

And it's what the blockchain analysis purports to do. It's all about "supposed" connections.

With a freely chosen fee, nobody can predict what specific fees the user will choose ( is another great tumbler with the flexible fees) Thus, it gets very hard to make connections between various transactions on the blockchain.

What fees should you choose at CryptoMixer?

The logical answer would be to say that you can choose the fees absolutely randomly. But as the review of the site shows, the fees you choose also serve another purpose - they enable you to pick more or less receiving addresses, as well as various delay periods.

Let's take a closer look at the three Fee Levels enabled by the tumbler.

A. Standard Level

Standard secuirty level

The Standard Security Level automatically kicks in whenever you choose a rate anywhere within the range from 0.5% up to 1%.

You should choose this option if you are Ok with just 2 receiving addresses and the delay period of 24 hours.

B. Silver Level

Silver security level

Set the fee in the range from 1.0% up to 2.0% in order to pick the Silver Security Level.

With it, you'll be able to use up to 5 output addresses and the delays for up to 48 hours.

In addition, you get the "fast payouts confirmation" function. (It's important if you are trying to complete the mixing operation within as little time as possible, i.e. without any delays whatsoever. If you look for high confirmation speed, BitCloak is another great option)

C. Gold Level

Gold security level

Gold Security Level is enabled with the fees in the range from 2.0% up to 3.0%.

It'll get you up to 10 forward-to addresses and the delays for up to 96 hours.

Now that we've completed the review of the CryptoMixer’s fee levels, we should spend some time and actually discuss whether you should use a higher number of output addresses and delays for your transactions.

#4. Set the additional receiving addresses

As with fees, the use of additional output addresses significantly hampers the abilities of the blockchain analysis. Thus, it makes perfect sense to use a few of them whenever you mix Bitcoins. Of course, you shouldn't go overboard and start using dozens of addresses for each transaction you perform.

With, you have to first pick the fee level based on the number of addresses you want to use. This is in stark contrast with the majority of the “bitcoin laundries” where users are enabled to pick a high number of output addresses without any impact on the fees they are charged.

Adding another wallet is easy. All you need to do is click the "Add address" button below the first one.

Adding additional wallet addresses

The system will automatically limit the number of addresses you can create. Thus, whenever you've run out of the allotted number, the button will just disappear and you won’t be able to set up any new addresses.

#5. Set the delays

Just as with the number of additional wallets, CryptoMixer ties the delay periods with the fee levels you are charged.

Enable the delay functionality

In order to activate the delay function, you should first click the Set Delay button.

Use the slider to set the delay value

A slider will appear where you can set the delay parameters as you wish. It’s always advisable to set a pretty long delay period so that the blockchain analysis specialist has a hard time connecting the two transactions on the blockchain.

#6. Set the parameters for the multiple output wallets

Set the parameters for multiple wallets at once

If you use more than 1 receiving address, then you'll be able to pick the delays for both of them. The rule of thumb here is to pick the values as far from each other as you can.

In addition, the Percentage distribution slider that appears only when you use multiple wallets offers you to adjust the percentage shares between the wallets. The equal distribution opens you to the blockchain analysis and we always advise users to use non-equal values.

#7. Use the calculator to determine the final amount

Many users prefer to make purchases with Bitcoins via the mixers. Instead of specifying their own receiving addresses, they would specify the seller's wallet.

In these cases, you need to calculate the exact output amount that the mixer would generate after all the fees have been charged.

To activate the calculator at, click the Show calculator button.

Enable the calculator

This will open the calculator menu.

How to use the CryptoMixer calculator

All you need to do is specify the BTC you plan to send. If the final amount isn't right, you'll need to manually adjust the BTC amount you are sending.

Now that we have adjusted all the settings, click the Continue button.

Stage 3. Accept the notification will open the new window which will specify the notification regarding the fact that the mixer's address would be active only within 24 hours. This is a very important point since any amounts you send to the address after the 24-hour period will not be recorded or “rescued” in any manner.

Accept the notification at CryptoMixer

Read the notification carefully and click the Accept button.

Stage 4. Save the Letter of Guarantee

In the next window, you can download the Letter of Guarantee.

Download the Letter of Guarantee

It's very important to download and save this document at a secure location. This is the only proof that the transaction took place between you and the mixer. creates absolutely no logs, there's no personal account or any data of whatever kind. Thus, if something goes wrong, the Letter of Guarantee will be the only document that proves the fact that you actually sent any money to the mixer.

When working on this review, we've researched the Bitcointalk threads and online "buzz" and we haven't seen any negative comments as to the fact that the mixer has stolen somebody's coins and did anything of this kind. But, should something bad happen to your transaction, the Letter of Guarantee would be the only way you'll be able to present your case at the Bitcointalk thread or elsewhere.

You can find a detailed description of the process for verifying the Letter of Guarantee at the mixer's FAQ page.

Stage 5. Deposit BTC

Now you can send the BTC to the mixer's address, specified in the field below.

Send your coins to CryptoMixer

Make sure that you use the wallet address shown for your specific session since the system will generate unique addresses for each new mixing gig.

Stage 6. Specify multiple incoming addresses

Writing this review, we've learned that the site has a very unique feature. You can actually create multiple wallets to which you'll deposit the dirty Bitcoins.

To do this, click the Add incoming address button.

Create the multiple incoming addresses for higher security

After you've done this, the system will enable you to use the two new functions.

Two new functions enabled when you use multiple incmoing addresses

First, you'll be able to download the Letter of Guarantee for each of the two incoming wallets.

Second, you'll be able to activate the Calculator just as we did at one of the previous Stages and calculate the amounts you'll need to send to each incoming address in order to receive a specific final amount.

Again, this is a totally unique function that we haven't seen at other bitcoin mixers we've reviewed over the years. So, just make sure that you write down the cash flows and don't make any mistakes which might result in losses. And if you don't want to use this function, you should just avoid setting up the second incoming address. With just a single incoming address, the process would be identical to other mixers.

Verdict on

We've thoroughly researched both the itself and online reviews from real users. Clearly, this mixer can “wash” large-volume amounts. It enables you to set up to 10 receiving addresses which is sufficient in most cases. Security is assured thanks to the ability to set up delays, fees and percentage distributions for each receiving address individually. All of these functionalities protect your Bitcoin transactions against the blockchain analysis. Doing this review, we saw that the service offers a unique function for specifying multiple incoming addresses (the mixer's wallets where you send your dirty Bitcoins). We haven't seen a similar function around. If you decide to use it, make sure that you are extra careful and avoid losing your funds through errors.

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