ChipMixer Review: Unique Tumbler for Anonymity

ChipMixer is a unique Bitcoin mixer. This is the only service I know of where you get to convert your BTC holdings into chips. When you do that, you can either merge or split them which helps obfuscate your mixing efforts. There’s also some fun to be done with betting and donation functions. You can store very small-change amounts at the service in the form of vouchers, and you can withdraw to the unlimited number of addresses. You decide on the distribution percentages. The import private key function gives you the zero fees, and you get to delay the withdrawals for as long as you want. This is the most versatile and flexible mixer I’ve seen around.

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Before getting into the nitty-gritty details of the Tumbler, here’s an overview which should get you the basic idea of what the Tumbler is made out of:

  • Clearnet URL:
  • Onion URL: http://chipmixerwzxtzbw.onion/
  • Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BTC
  • Fee: Pay What You Want
  • No logs policy: Yes
  • Time Delays: Yes, User Controlled
  • Additional Addresses: Unlimited
  • Deposit Percentage control for different addres: Yes, User Controlled.

Is it a scam?

It's not. It doesn't have any scam-related reviews online and it's been operational for quite some time.

How does it work?

It’s best to talk about the individual stages of the mixing process at ChipMixer in order to explain the details with the illustrations.

1. Deposit your coins

It's pretty easy to do. Just go to the main page and click the "Start mixing" button. Here's the screenshot.

You'll get to the page shown in the screenshot below. Here you'll see the "session token". This is the code you'll need to use in order to get back to the mixing session at ChipMaker whenever you close the browser. Make sure that you copy and paste it somewhere and store safely. It's probably a good idea to make a photograph too, just in case. We'll talk about the session token in more detail at the end of the review.

After you've written down the code, click the button "I have saved my session token and want to continue.".

In this window, you've got two options: Deposit the funds and Redeem the Voucher. We'll talk about the vouchers a bit later. To deposit the funds, you should copy the address from the "Deposit" section and send the BTC from your wallet. The minimum amount at this mixing service is 0.001 BTC.

You need to wait for 1 confirmation when you send amounts for less than 20 BTC and for 6 confirmations when you transfer more than 20 BTC at once.

The amounts are rounded down to the 3 symbols after the dot. So, if you send 1.1234 BTC, you'll receive 1.123. If you send several amounts smaller than 0.001, those amounts will sum up and show in your interface.

I don't know why the page says that you need to refresh it. Don't bother with it. Just wait for one hour, come back, refresh the browser and click on the "Number 2" in the sequence at the top. You'll get transferred to this page.

And in case you don't see this sequence after you've refreshed the ChipMixer's site, you'll need to do the "Session Restoration" procedure which I describe at the end of this review.

2. Playing with chips

Though you might think that the word "playing" should not be used because we are talking about business here, ChipMixer is actually about playing with your chips. This gamification technique serves to add unpredictability and thus obscucate your trail much more than any standard algo-driven mixer out there.

Let's see how you can play with the chips at ChipMixer.

Option 1: Splitting chips

The first option is to split your bigger chip into a number of smaller ones. In the screenshot, I only have a small chip for 0.002 BTC. But if I had, say, a chip for 1 BTC, I would be able to break that amount into 10 or 15 or 20 smaller chips.

This is a good thing because no blockchain analysis company would be able to predict how you decide to split your chips and output them. Thus this improves unpredictability a lot!

Option 2: Merging chips

The opposite option is to merge a number of chips. Let's say that you've deposited different amounts from 10 external wallets. Now you can bring them all together and withdraw as a single amount to another wallet.

Of course, you could just create another external wallet and send all those amounts to that wallet and then send the resulting total amount to ChipMixer. But, in terms of convenience, it might be easier to send them all right to this mixer since one session can go on for up to 7 days.

Option 3: Donating chips

You can chip off a small amount and donate to ChipMixer. This is kind of a fee, but not exactly since it’s up to whether you pay it or not. And, overall, the service doesn't charge any fees at all and allows you to decide what kind of money you are willing to pay, i.e. the fee is "pay what you want".

Option 4: Betting with your chips

You can actually bet with your chips, just like in a real casino. The winning probability is 47%. Do this to have some fun and making mixing operations even more unpredictable.

Option 5: Leaving chips "on the table" and getting a voucher

In this case, you'll leave an amount with the mixer and get a code in the form of the voucher enabling you to access the amount at any time in the future. Naturally, it won't make much sense to leave a bigger amount, but you can, for instance, leave "small-change" sums (like 0.001 or 0.002 or 0.003) in the form of vouchers and accumulate 10-15 vouchers within a specific period of time.

Then, after a couple of weeks or months, you could cash out all of those vouchers in one go. To do that you'll need to start up a new session and go to the "Number 1" Stage and specify the voucher codes one by one.

So, it might not be the best idea to park a large amount of money with ChipMixer, but small-change amounts are "parkable".

Here are the 3 options for you deal with vouchers at ChipMixer.

1. Take one specific chip and convert it into a voucher. This is pretty intuitive.

2. First merge all the chips you want to convert and then convert the resulting chip into the voucher - this is the best option when you have a swarm of various-sized chips on the table - small, medium and big ones. You could merg up only the small ones while leaving the rest of your chips on the table.

3. Take all the existing chips and convert them into a single voucher - this is called "Deposit all" option - it takes all of the chips and lumps them together into a single voucher.

Option 6: Commonizing big amounts

If you have a large amount in the mixer, you'll see the "Commonize" button appear. It will round up a weird-looking chip like 1.024 BTC into the 1 BTC chip. The "weird small change" will go to ChipMixer as a fee (around 2%).

You might not want to get those weird-looking amounts travelling between your wallets within the BTC network and commonizing is a pretty attractive option. However, the point is that it's ChipMixer who created these weird-looking chip amounts in the first place. So, you could say that it's kind of a "hidden fee". It's tricky :) But it's nothing bad. If you are OK with hodling a weird-looking 1.024 BTC sum in your wallet, go for it.

3. Withdrawal

Withdrawing at Stage 2

The withdrawal options will be shown to you at Stage 3. Now, let's talk about what you need to do at Stage 2. You can either withdraw a specific chip and deal with it in Stage 3. Or you can withdraw several chips at the same time by clicking the "Withdraw All" button - this will result in the creation of the individual withdrawal orders for each chip.

Let's say you only have one chip for 0.002 BTC. And you want to withdraw it. (Of course, this would mean that the ChipMixer takes your money and replaces it with other funds, thus doing the mixing act on your deposit even if you haven’t taken any steps at Stage 2. But you should probably play around a bit with those chips at Stage 2 because it's fun and life's short ;)

You click "Withdraw One Chip" to the right of the 0.002 chip and a new line appears which I show in the screenshot below.

Withdrawing at Stage 3

Now you need to click on the “Number 3” in the sequence at the top. At the top of the opened page, you’ll see a list of the amounts you've withdrawn at Stage 2.

A big hole in ChipMixer’s UI here is that there are no identifications as to which amounts you’ve sent out and which you haven’t yet. So, if you have a lot smaller amounts outputting at Stage 3, it’ll make sense to create an Excel list and check the private keys you’ve already processed.

At Stage 3, we have several options how output the amounts.

1. Import the private key to wallet

2. Create the offline backup + get signed receipt

3. Sweep

Let's talk about each of these options in detail.

1. Import the private key to wallet

I am sure that you know how importing your private keys works. At this platform, you can withdraw as many separate amounts as you want and import the private keys for those transfers into your wallet.

Naturally, when you use this option, you don’t have to pay any fee.

You need to make sure that you know what you are doing since whenever you import the private keys to your deterministic wallet (for instance,, your back-up phrases get rewritten. So, you should do the immediate back-up update. Otherwise, you leave yourself without any back-up whatsoever. Read up on the process used at your wallet to get the deep scoop on it.

2. Create the offline backup + get signed receipt

This option is similar to creating the paper wallet. Just like with vouchers, it's probably not a good idea to park a large amount with any mixer.

In this option, you can also create the signed receipt. Subsequently, you will be able to present this document to a counterparty in order to prove the origin of the coins. The signed receipt from ChipMixer won't be of much use when dealing with crypto exchanges and other similar companies, but it can be useful when transacting person to person. You can use this document to show that the coin’s previous history has been detached and it’s clean.

3. Sweeping

If you don’t want to bother with importing the private keys, you can sweep the amount to your wallet.

The sweeping process takes 24 hours, so don’t worry if it doesn’t go through within 1-2 hours.

All you need to do is specify the receiving address and wait for 24 hours. Contact the admins if you payment hasn’t completed within 48 hours.

Be aware that the sweeping function opens you up to the blockchain analysis attacks and the “import private keys” option is of higher value since you “travel in time” with withdrawals preceding your deposits in time.

4. Completing the session

After you are done with your transfers, go to Stage 4 and complete the session by clicking the button "Finish".

When you do that, all the information will be destroyed, without any possibility to recover any funds. So, you need to make sure that you've either fully withdrawn all the amounts to your wallet or you've created the vouchers for them.

Additional Notes about ChipMixer

As you can see, Chipmixer isn't that difficult to use, but I wanted to share with you some of the important comments about its processes. I hope that you've liked my description as to how this mixing service operates. We’ve received most of the popular mixers, so make sure that you stick around and read other reviews for Bitcoin mixers as well.

And now let’s talk about some of the smaller things we haven’t covered thoroughly enough above.

Restoring the session

You can close the browser and then get back to the session within the 7-day period from the time when it was started.

To restore the session in ChipMixer, you need to use the session token, you’ve saved at Stage 1. Open the main page of the site, scroll a bit down and find the field "Restore the session", paste the session token and click the button.

Each session has the 7-day duration period. You can ask the admins to extend the time after the initial period runs out, but it’s probably best to avoid these situations since the admins here might be hard to reach.

Number of output addresses and determining distribution percentages

It’s you who decides how many chips you want to withdraw and thus how many addresses you want to use. The same goes to distribution percentages and withdrawal delays. Thus, ChipMixer is probably the most flexible mixer in terms of these indicators we’ve seen around.

Special note on the benefits of "import private keys" method

As the ChipMixer's site says, you will travel in time since you will receive the private keys to the addresses that were created long before you came to the mixer's site.

Of course, this is a great additional feature helping you obfuscate your mixing trail and prevent the blockchain analysis on your moves.

And the beauty is that you don’t have to pay any BTC network fees to do that.

It might be hard to find a similar combination of the features among the mixers online. So if you want to try something new in your mixing efforts, ChipMixer surely offers a novel way to doing these gigs.

When are vouchers most useful?

Vouchers, offered by Chipmixer and reviewed by us in practice, can be extremely helpful when you deal with small sums constantly hitting your pocket.

Other mixing services charge a fixed fee upon a transfer to an address. With ChipMixer, you get to avoid paying the fixed fee as such. You can merge all the small-change amounts and import the private keys for only one transaction!

Verdict on ChipMixer

ChipMixer is a unique mixing service that allows you to easily manage everything mixing-wise: output sizes, number of output addresses, delay periods. This is one of the best options for those in search of the maximum flexibility and functional versatility. All the “playing-around” delivers high unpredictability and helps obfuscate the mixing operations. With zero fees, the mixing service invites you to experiment and test it out. The minimum amount for 0.001 BTC is enticing. It’s not a scam, it’s been around for ages and it’s probably going to be around for a long time to come. Use this detailed guide/review for ChipMixer in order to find answers to any questions you might have. Make sure that you ask any questions we’ve missed in the comments below.

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