Review: Bitcoin Mixer with Flexible Fee is super-easy to use. It features a sleek and minimalist design. The biggest benefit it brings forward is the ability to flexibly adjust the fee on your transactions. This is pretty out of the beaten track since most other providers set forth a fixed fee for all your operations. The mixer enables users to break the funds across as many as output addresses and determine the delays for each address. Meanwhile, you'll lack the ability to determine the percentage distributions here through.

Comparative Table

  • Clearnet URL :
  • Onion URL : http://blenderiocpxfema.onion/
  • Minimum Deposit : 001 BTC.
  • Fee : User-controlled, 0.5%-2.5%
  • No logs policy : Yes
  • Time Delays : Yes, User controlled.
  • Additional Addresses : 10
  • Control Deposit Percentage by Individual Address: No
  • Letter of Guarantee : Yes

What's the biggest benefit of

At, you can set up a flexible fee payable for mixing operations. In this way, you'll be able to add unpredictability and obfuscation to your transactions, preventing blockchain analysts from tracking your pathway across the blockchain. It's hard to say whether this function is super-useful and important, but this is what makes the site different from all other similar Bitcoin laundries out there.

How to use

In this review, we want to show a detailed description of all the steps you'll need to take at the site.

Stage 1: Adjusting Settings

First, go to the mixer's main page and fill in the form with all the settings required for the mixing transaction. Here's a picture of the overall form you'll need to fill out.

As you can see, this is a pretty concise form, designed in the minimalist style. Now, let's go through each of the fields and discuss the specific details with regard to each of them.

How to specify the output addresses at the site?

Naturally, breaking down the withdrawal transaction among a number of addresses is probably the best practice for you to obfuscate your mixing transactions. In this case, the blockchain will show one input transaction and multiple outgoing payments, securely concealing your footprint.

At reviewed here you can create up to 10 Bitcoin wallets for your outgoing transactions.

Originally, the service enables only one outgoing address to be used. And in order to add more, you should use the "+" sign to the right.

Users are allowed to use up to 10 receiving wallets at

Can you set delays for your mixing transaction?

Yes, you can. In addition to breaking down the amounts among different wallets, it's the best practice to specify varying delays for each wallet. Thus, the blockchain analysis will surely have a big problem with piecing inputs and outputs at the mixer.

This review for seeks to share the best methods for you to perform mixing operations at the site. You can set the delay periods for each wallet individually, from 1H to 24H and then from 1 day to 7 days. The best approach is to scatter delay periods for output transactions as far as you can.

Don't be afraid to set the longer-term delays since the mixer isn't going to scooch away with your funds, while you'll win from a better concealment.

Can you specify the distribution percentages?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to set the distribution percentages with regard to individual wallets at This might be an unpleasant surprise to many of those users who've become accustomed to having this function at other mixers.

But the reality is that there's always a pretty high risk for human error with the user just leaving the distribution shares as is, i.e. equal for all receiving wallets. Subsequently, any blockchain analyst will be able to put two and two together. Thus, the user's pathway will be completely deanonymized and open for anybody to see.

Thus, it can be even said that is working to prevent this possible point of failure, assuring the protection of its users against the human error.

What fees will I have pay here?

The next field is where you'll have to specify the fees payable for this mixing order.

A very interesting approach that takes is leaving the fees completely flexible and adjustable by the users. This surely adds a certain layer of uncertainty to the mixing operations which is always good.

In addition, if you go to the laundry's FAQ, you'll find information that the higher fee you specify, the better deal you'll get in terms of the distribution percentages. It's hard to say whether you'll see much more uneven or chaotic distribution percentages if you specify a lower fee, but this is what the site says.

The fees range from 0.5% up to 2.5% which compares pretty attractively against the charges set forth by other providers on the market.

What's a "mixing code" at

The next field requires you to specify the "mixing code".

This is the code that the mixer provides to you after you've performed the first mixing order at If you specify the code in this field for your subsequent mixing operations, the system will make sure that it prevents sending to you any of the coins previously deposited here.

This field is optional. However, we strongly advise you to use the mixing code if you’ve become a frequent user at

Now that we've completed all the fields in this form, you can click the "Continue" button and move on to the next Stage in the mixing process.

Stage 2: Downloading data for security purposes

In the next window, you'll need to download some pieces of data which you'll use to contact the support team should something go wrong.

The first piece is the Guarantee Letter. Download the text file by clicking the button below.

Save the text file securely or copy its contents to your cloud storage.

Next, make sure that you copy and save the mixing code.

As we've discussed above, there's nothing wrong in not wanting to receive back the coins which you deposited at within one of your previous sessions. So, using the mixing code here should be treated as the best practice.

Stage 3: Depositing Bitcoins

At the next stage, you'll need to deposit Bitcoins to You can either use the wallet's ID or scan the barcode.

You can make several deposits to the same wallet within an individual order.

Using the calculator at

You can also see the link "use the calculator" below the field for the wallet's ID. If you click on it, a new page will open with the fee calculator.

Here you'll be able to determine the exact amount in Bitcoin you'll receive after fees are subtracted.

You can either use the top field to specify the original amount in order to see the output amount less the fee. Or you can specify the output amount you need to generate and then understand how much money you need to deposit into the mixer. The second option is extremely convenient whenever you use the mixer as a clearing system for your payment to another party.

Stage 4: Tracking transactions

Below, on the same page, you'll see the button "Check Transactions". Click on it in order to refresh the list of transactions you've processed at the site.

It's easy to track the transactions within your mixing order, so that you know what's happening at any point.

Does retain the logs? doesn't retain any of your logs, and all transactional data is fully purged from the system after the payment has been recorded in the blockchain. In this way, this mixer is much more confidential and anonymous as compared to any services which retain your logs indefinitely.

What's the minimum and maximum amounts, as well as confirmations requirements?

The minimum amount you can deposit at is 0.001BTC which looks like a pretty attractive value as compared to other mixers we’ve previously reviewed. If you send a lower sum, it will be treated as a donation to the mixer. However, if you deposit another one, they'll clump together.

The highest amount you can process is shown at the deposit page since it varies depending on the cash reserves available to the mixer at any specific moment in time.

You'll have to wait through just 3 confirmations for the transaction to be recorded in the blockchain and viewed by the mixer as fully valid, irrespective of the sum you're handling. This is pretty unique as compared to other mixers where you have much higher numbers of confirmations required for a large deposit to be treated as valid.

The transactions should be deposited to the mixer's wallet within 24 hours. If you send any funds after the expiration of this period, they won't be recognized by

Is it illegal to mix Bitcoins?

There's nothing illegal in your mixing cryptocurrencies and using one of the mixers to do that. You are just exchanging some coins with others while recording these transactions onto the blockchain.

So, provided that your country doesn't implement the blanket bans on Bitcoin, you are safe to use mixing providers, such as to mix your crypto.

There are several reasons why you might want to do that.

For instance, you want to keep private the fact that you invest in Bitcoin and that you've accumulated a certain amount of Bitcoins showing on the blockchain.

Another example is making a private payment, so that nobody can connect your identity with the transaction in question. For example, you might want to hide your footprint if you buy porn or something like that. We all do have the right to privacy, but the currently used technologies are powerful enough to rob us of privacy and confidentiality. Use Bitcoin mixers to get back your right for anonymous financial transactions.

Conclusion offers a flexible fee for your mixing operations, which is unusual as compared to other providers. Use this service to play around a bit with the fees you pay to increase unpredictability and obfuscation for your transactions. As this review shows, the provider delivers almost all of the standard features seen among Bitcoin laundries, except for the ability to manually adjust the percentage distributions. If this isn’t a deal breaker for you, you should consider using for your regular mixing operations.

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