BitCloak Mixer Review: Only 1 Confirmation Required

BitCloak reviewed here offers some of the fastest mixing procedures with only 1 confirmation required, irrespective of the actual amount you want to mix. Thus, it can be as high as 100 BTC! BitCloak seems to be the best choice on the market for those mixer users who are in a hurry. However, if you have some time to spare, you might be better off with another service since BitCloak doesn't offer that great UI/UX in terms of adjusting settings or actually seeing the fees dollar amounts. All in all, this isn't a scam as it has the company has their own Bitcointalk and Reddit threads with multiple positive reviews on them. Also, there's no information about the source of mixing funds or grade of quality for the same.

Comparative Table

  • Clearnet URL:
  • Onion URL: http://bitcloak43blmhmn.onion/
  • Minimum Deposit: 0.01 BTC
  • Fee: 2% + 0.0004 BTC/Address
  • No logs policy: No
  • Time Delays: Yes, user controlled, but not for individual address.
  • Additional Addresses: 10
  • Deposit Percentage control for different address: No

Is it a scam?

This mixer has public threads at Bitcointalk and Reddit. This clearly shows that it's not a scammy project as you can see a large number of positive reviews for the site.

However, it's clear that this mixer lacks some of the standard features usually found at other providers. This doesn't turn BitCloak into a scam, but it makes it a bit deficient in comparison to other mixers.

What's the biggest benefit at BitCloak?

We've researched BitCloak really well, and we've found the biggest advantage it offers in comparison with other mixers. It enables a very high processing speed. It can be as fast as 1 confirmation, irrespective of the amount of Bitcoins you intend to mix. Thus, even if you want to handle 100 Bitcoins, BitCloak will have no problem with fully cleansing and adding the return transaction to the next block in the Bitcoin blockchain!

Thus, we think that this review of BitCloak will help most those users among you who sometimes find themselves with a large amount of cryptocurrencies on their hands and the desire to mix that amount as soon as possible.

How does it work?

BitCloak features a very minimalist UI, giving you a very fast and smooth UX. Provided, of course, that you know your way around the site. If you don't, then this review of BitCloak will surely help you learn the ropes fast.

Stage 1. Choosing between mixing and paying

Go to the main page and scroll down a bit.

You'll see two buttons - "Mix my Bitcoins" and "Pay Anonymously!".

If you want to make a payment anonymously, so that it's impossible to connect your identity-tied wallets and the payment, click on the second button.

In this review, we talk about mixing Bitcoins though, so let's click on the first button.

Stage 2. Adjusting settings

In the next window, you'll need to adjust the settings for your mixing operation.

How to specify addresses at the mixer?

You should set the output addresses at this page.

In the first field, you'll need to specify the receiving addresses. Interestingly, at this site, you have to specify the addresses using the "-" symbol which is not very convenient, but if you want to win from super-fast processing terms, this is the hoop you'll need to jump through.

How many addresses is it possible to specify?

You can specify up to 10 output addresses which is surely super-useful in your mixing operations since it helps you obfuscate your pathway throughout the Bitcoin's blockchain.

Most people think that Bitcoin is super-anonymous and people can easily transact in whatever manner, without any risk that others will eavesdrop on their operations.

It's completely wrong. Bitcoin is pseudonymous with all payments recorded in the publicly available blockchain. This means that the wallet addresses aren't linked to people's real identities. And anyone can easily track the full scope of the operations within the blockchain if they want to. Without the connection to your real identity, the external observer will only be able to see the transactions between various wallets.

But whenever your identity is linked to a wallet, the full scope of transactions gets connected your identity. Immediately. And not just the past transactions, but also the future transactions as well!

That's why mixing operations are of such importance if you want to keep your financial operations private. However, if you just mix at a service where the input and output payments are of equal size, this would make it possible for a blockchain analyst to connect the two amounts together.

That's where the capability to break down the amount in a number of output wallets comes in handy. Though some other mixers can offer a much higher number of output wallets, 10 of the wallets is fully sufficient for your operations.

What are the minimum and maximum limits at BitCloak?

The minimum amount at this website is 0.01 BTC while the highest amount is 100 BTC.

At the above shown page, you'll need to specify the amount you'll want to mix. It's a very weird element for a mixer to have since all other providers determine the amount of BTC you send, but it's how BitCloak works. And there’s actually no field anywhere which would show you how much money you’ve parked at the site.

Can you specify the delay period at BitCloak?

BitCloack reviewed here does enable you specify the delays for each of your output transactions specifically. However, it enables you to set the number of hours for the whole operation. Here’s the screenshot of the respective field.

The decision as to whether the outgoing transactions to different wallets should occur simultaneously upon the delay expiration or whether they should go through at different times is left completely at the will of the platform. Thus, this makes the delay settings quite unpredictable.

But, again, as we've said above, this is the provider that delivers the lightning-speed transactioning, so the frequent users might not care about the delays at all.

What's fee at BitCloak?

Interestingly, you can't see any information as to the fee amount anywhere in the form. But, the team says that it's around 2% with the specific values randomly assigned to transactions. Of course, we don't hint that they might surreptitiously charge you a higher fee, but it's just extremely weird for a service to avoid displaying the exact amount for the fees that you have to pay.

After you've specified the three indicators at this page, click "Mix Bitcoins" button.

Stage 3. Depositing Bitcoins

In the next window, you'll have to deposit the Bitcoins into the mixer's wallet.

At this page, you'll see the wallet address for you to deposit the funds to, as well your own receiving address. Make sure to check that you've specified it correctly to avoid any unwanted surprises.

How does BitCloak guarantees correct operation?

This site guarantees that the wallets they specify are actually owned by the company and that they won't lose or pilfer your funds. They provide the PGP (which is similar to the Letter of Guarantee in blockchain-based operations) and the tranasaction's ID.

To copy the PGP, click the button “Get PGP proof” and copy the data from the new window shown below.

And here’s the order’s ID shown at this page.

You should securely save both of these so that you can easily reach out to the support team in the future if something goes wrong.

How does BitCloak assure anonymity?

Anonymity is surely the most important factor for you to consider when using mixers out there since it's the anonymous transactioning that you are after here.

That's why it makes sense to pick only those providers that require no registration. BitCloak doesn't. So, it's good in this regard.

But another - no less important - detail is that the mixer should also destroy the logs within a short period of time (for instance, 24 hours) and maybe even enable users to destroy them on their own immediately.

You should know that we've gone through the whole site for this service and we haven't found any information whatsoever as to whether the logs are stored or not, and for what period of time, if they do get stored. So, it's impossible for us to make any comments about the approach to the logs policy at BitCloak.

However, it could be said that if they did have the lo-logs policy, they would have written about it, so they might retain your logs indefinitely.

At the same time, it should be noted that whenever you access a mixer via Tor, you don’t have to worry about logs anymore.

Does BitCloak enable distribution control?

Unfortunately, BitCloak doesn’t enable the user to set the distribution values among the receiving wallets. This means that the automated system distributes the input amount among the receiving addresses in a totally randomized manner.

Some users might not be OK with this fact since most of the mixers out there have already rolled out the functionality for the manual distribution control by individual address. But, actually, the system might be better at randomizing the output amounts than users.

Why? Because this approach enables us to eliminate the probability of human error. Meaning that the user might simply forget to set the distributions and leave them "as is". And this would be a big problem since the input amount will break down into 2-10 similar-sized shares, making it pretty easy for a blockchain analytics to track the coins journey.

How to pay anonymously via BitCloak?

At the main page, you can click the button “Pay Anonymously”. You’ll get to the next page.

All you need to do is specify the receiving address and the amount you wish to transfer. Just after 1 confirmation, you payment will go through.


The biggest advantage of BitCloak is the fact that it enables you to process the transaction within one block's time! Since you need only one confirmation, this is probably the fastest offering on the market as compared to all other mixers out there! However, if you aren't that much in a hurry, you'll probably be better off with using one of the other bitcoin laundries we've reviewed on this site. In particular, the ones with pretty UI/UX, focused on beginner crypto users among you.

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