Best Bitcoin Tumblers in 2020

What is a Bitcoin mixer? That’s the anonymization service to help you forbid tracking your transactions inside the bitcoin network. Combined with the original cryptocurrency properties, a mixer makes it impossible for anyone to know your identity or any personal data.

How Bitcoin Mixers Work

A mixer is an app or a website accepting the user’s coins and mixing them up with those of the others. That’s how it happens: coins get divided into multiple smaller parts, and then those parts are randomly blended with parts from other users. The process runs according to the given algorithm. As a result, the transaction recipient gets exactly the sum they required. At the same time, the sum consists of multiple pieces which previously belonged to unknown network participants.

Throughout recent years, they had been using bitcoin mixers actively and widely to hide trails (for example, when conducting illegal operations). Nowadays, a struggle against them is on the go because mixers are proven to be easy ways to organize money laundering processes. However, illegal purposes are not always points to use such apps. People willing to provide themselves with additional safety or to hide the fact they own cryptocurrency are frequent users of mixers, too.

Of course, all services take fees for their participation. The size of it depends on the sum withdrawn as well as on the number of mixes completed (more means better). The perfect mix is that making no part of the original sum belong to the sender.

Two Types of Bitcoin Mixers

There are two kinds of software solutions serving as reliable Bitcoin anonymizers. The evolution still goes on, but these concepts seem to be the most stable ones.

Centralized Resources

These are first generation mixers. Mostly, they are out of use nowadays, but some are still active. Here the client sends bitcoins, pays the fee and coins of the equal sum get to the recipient’s account from another user. The more money and clients are in the system, the higher anonymity level it has. Such resources lost their popularity partially because of the fact that anonymity guarantees can be significantly weakened when someone has access to logs.

Peering Platforms

They allow Bitcoin exchanging without mediators by the direct contact with other users. The fraud probability is extremely low in this case. A bunch of protocols (such as SharedCoin, CoinSwap or CoinJoin) exists to let several clients unite and create a common transaction completed gradually as the required number of participants is gained. No user needs to store the sender’s or recipient’s addresses because the mixing server does that. The operation complexity grows with the increased number of consequent mixes.

Top 5 Bitcoin Tumblers in 2020

Here below goes the list of best Bitcoin mixers available to use in 2020. The mentioned services are all reliable and providing maximum anonymity possible. Please, note that this is not a ranking table but a description to show advantages only.


The Bitcoin mixing website does not want the user to create an account and avoids giving any connections between separate sessions on the service. The system works to make “exits” faster than “entries”. As a result, the blockchain thinks that the owner spends coins before sending them to a mixer. After the operation is done, the user gets the payout bill from the service.

A list of features:
- 7-day deposit delay period. If necessary, the user can extend this time. Logs are stored within 7 days of session but get deleted after an automated or manual logout.
- Pages are totally lightened. They function without JavaScript.
- Adjustable fees.
- One confirmation required for a transaction below 20 BTC, others need 6 of them.

The minimum sum to mix is 0.001 BTC. In case you send smaller amounts than that, the service will count them as a donation. The principle of this mixer is based on chips. Those are bitcoin addresses financed with certain sums (0.001 BTC, 0.002 BTC, 0.004 BTC and further to 4.096 BTC). When the client pays their BTC, they get the equivalent sum in chips. For instance, when you pay in 0.112 BTC, the sum looks like 0.064 + 0.032 and 0.016. Chips are anonymous from the very start and not connected with belonging funds on the blockchain. You can spend them whenever you want but with the use of a special secret key.

Additionally, it is possible to divide and unite chips or bet on luck with them (47% chance to get the doubled sum, 53% to receive nothing), use for donations, and import them to your bitcoin wallet.


This is a great mixer for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash for those users who do lots of mixing operations on a regular basis. The minimal sum here is 0.005 BTC and any quantity of LTC. This mixer is totally automated, concentrating on the maximum anonymity when working with Bitcoins.

- Info on website visiting is always swept up instantly.
- No operation or visiting logs are stored.
- The mixing quality indicator.
- Low and adjustable fees.
- Transaction delay setting possibility to increase confidentiality.
- Guarantee letters to protect payments.

BitMix also offers the API for projects willing to increase payment anonymity even better. All in all, BitMix is a good mixer to use for frequent mixing since the hashcode enables you to save the settings and avoid fixing them up each time you mix.


The resource does not store operation logs. It deletes them right after the mixing is done. The link that allows monitoring the process becomes inactive in 24 hours by default. If necessary, the user can delete it manually quicker, too.

A list of specialties:
- No account system. No need to provide the service with private data (email, phone number, etc.).
- Referral system allows getting 70% from referral fees.
- Customer support service responds within 24 hours.
- Simple interface: you only need to type the destination address, set the fee, latency duration and send coins.
- The service is available with the Tor browser.
- Smart Code available – the unique hash generated on the first mix. It guarantees a person not to get their cryptocurrency ever, and serves to participate the loyalty program. The more mixes are completed with the particular link, the higher discounts on further commissions you get.

The mixer’s commission is from 1% plus network fees. Supported currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. When mixing, one can add up to 8 different addresses to increase the anonymity level. Each address has adjustable delay timings and fees.

4. BitCloak

This is the one more bitcoin mixer not using JavaScript. Moreover, it works only with Tor browser. Two various blending options are offered: the usual one has the delay timer and up to 5 addresses, the other one is the anonymous payout making it possible to pay the required sum to any service anonymously via BitCloak. The way also works for receiving payments on your side.

Traditionally, features:
- Notifications and messages are signed with the official BitCloak key.
- The “Get PGP proof” button lets you make sure that every BTC wallet shown actually belongs to the mixer and it is safe to send your funds there. This measure prevents phishing, wallet changes and various potential mistakes.
- Every address is relevant within 24 hours. Pure coins are sent after 1 confirmation from miners.
- Sometimes you need to solve CAPTCHA to launch the transaction.
- The free API available.

The minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC, the maximum one is 100 BTC. The fee is picked randomly for every operation here, but always stays nearly 2%. The network commission of 0.0004 BTC also works for every chosen address to accelerate the transaction.


This service is among the most popular ones. It has been functioning since 2017 and has the reputation of an advanced and comfortable solution. For safety purposes, enthusiasts who founded the platform keep their names and locations secret. However, it is possible to contact them via email or the Bitcointalk forum.

The service has the principle of functioning equal to that of any other mixer, but some features can be distinguished:
- Instant operations. There is no need to wait till the required number of transactions appears to create a pool. A big reserve pool of coins cleaned beforehand makes this possible.
- Two URL’s. One is usual, the other one has the pseudo-domain of the onion upper level designed to use in Tor and Darknet networks.
- No Log policy. None of your actions are recorded and stored on the company’s servers. All the data is wiped out right after you complete the operation.
- SegWit and betch32 addresses are supported.
- Adjustable transaction delay periods.
- Dynamic fees.

Also, the special “Mixing code” function guarantees anonymity to regular clients. For safety purposes, it is recommended to use the service together with the Tor browser or VPN solutions to hide your IP address. Additionally, initiate operations with clean wallets to maximize security.

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