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★★★★★ (4.9)


Anonymix.io is genuinely a solid overall option. It shuffles coins in the Tor network via CoinJoin and then converts them to ZCash. It also sports a reimagined app interface for a pleasant user experience. While the core product has a dead-on average price, it also has the best free subscription we’ve yet seen.

★★★★★ (4.8)

BTC Blender

To its credit, BtcBlender has always been a secure mixer to use. It has maintained a consistent and modern design across all its platforms for years.

★★★★☆ (4.7)


BitMix is very convenient, giving clients enormous knowledge about how their service works. BitMixer is a flat rate and highly affordable.

“It can be easily misled by the revolutionary blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency that transactions are anonymous.”

Vitalik Buterin, the Ethereum (ETH) prodigy and co-founder, is one of the high-profile crypto personalities who has addressed the growing privacy concerns of using cryptocurrencies. On 23rd May 2019, he proposed an idea on the HackMD post, which could be used to upgrade the privacy of the Ethereum network. His concept for Ethereum involves a solution that could obfuscate the user’s address whenever sending a fixed quantity of ETH to a coin mixer within the network and receiving an exact amount of ETH from a diverse pool. It would make the transactions more anonymous than they are at present. This proposal by one of the prominent key opinion leaders in the blockchain and crypto space has further validated the importance of privacy and anonymity and that mixing services could essentially eradicate anonymity issues. Fortunately, mixing services are already available in the market today. Commonly known as Bitcoin blenders or tumblers, they are the go-to mixing services for privacy-conscious Bitcoin users.

Benefits of using a Bitcoin Tumbler

BTC laundry services work on a simple mechanism by splitting up the user’s deposited BTC into multiple portions and mixing them with other split BTC from other users in the mixing pool. With a negligible amount of user-defined service fee, personal information and traces of the user’s transaction record would be erased from this process, making the user’s BTC coins completely anonymous from blockchain analysis tools and bad actors. The only problem with the Bitcoin tumbler is that it is not viewed positively by regulators since there are known cases of criminals using mixing services to remove traces of their illicit activities. But this problem does not pose any risks to users that use the Bitcoin mixer for exact privacy reasons, using funds from legitimate sources.

Choosing the best mixing service

During the selection process of the best-suited bitcoin mixer, the user would have to consider if they are keen to utilize anonymous browsers like TOR or to stick with clear web services (like Internet Explorer and Safari). Unlike clear web services, sites on TOR are not the usual .com domain names and may require specific experience to access their .onion domain names correctly. Unless the user is familiar with TOR, precise web services will also suffice, depending on how much BTC the user plans to mix.

As the demand for tumbling services grows, more mixers are available online to privacy-focused Bitcoin users. But users must be vigilant and check the legitimacy of the mixer as many mixers need to be trusted. These bogus blenders often entice users with a cheap service fee or mask themselves as legitimate mixers. Fortunately, on this site, we will be sieving out four of the best and trusted Bitcoin mixers on the web today so that you can get started quickly and more confidently to get your BTC mixed for privacy and anonymity reasons.

Overcoming the regulatory hurdles

Like many other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin never set out to become an anonymous cryptocurrency. However, as the likes of Vitalik Buterin and more crypto personalities advocate the mandatory privacy feature for cryptocurrency users, the space may see more enhanced blockchains with a better implementation of privacy and anonymity features for the people, although it will be an uphill battle with government and regulatory bodies before an actual focus of crypto users’ anonymity were accepted by central authorities. Meanwhile, there are still existing solutions that could complement what pseudonymous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are lacking. Paired with trusted and highly secure Bitcoin tumbling apps like the four recommended Bitcoin mixers mentioned above, users can ensure that their transactions are untraceable and anonymous at any time.

Featured New Service


YoMixer is a relative novice to the crypto community but hit the ground running with a smooth blender that iterated quickly to match the competition. While it doesn’t have all the features of its competitors, it still offers clean coins in its pool.